What are eyeNotes?

Things I notice. They clutter my iNotes and one of these’s days, they’ll make it out to you by way of eyeNotes.

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About me, Katie

I set out to find clarity in how we connect and wrote Live LIVE! Creating Community in Music Experiences where I explore how people form meaningful connections in live events. Along the way, I met the partners at People & Company and joined them in their mission to make community building less ambiguous. For a year I helped out behind the scenes on their podcast Get Together and launched the podcast correspondent program.

In 2021, People & Company was acquired by Substack, the platform you’re reading this on right now. I now work with the Substack community team to celebrate and accelerate emerging writers on the platform.

In my free time, I’m getting my steps in around home in Brooklyn, poking around on the piano, and sending mail the old fashion way.